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PML Differential Covers, Transmission Pans, and Valve Covers

Here at PML we make top quality sand-cast aluminum differential covers, transmission pans, and valve covers. Our customers benefit from our clean designs and solid construction for a pleasing appearance and better function. We believe in sharing pictures and specifications so you can make the best decision to care for your car, truck, SUV or van.

Picture of the Month: 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 With New PML Cover

PML's new 12 bolt rear differential cover for 2014 and newer GMC and Chevrolet trucks and SUVs. Shown installed on a 2014 Silverado 1500 5.3L with tow package. PML part number is 11129.

Yukon Gear tested this cover and found the PML cover fit with their larger gears and no spacer.

2014 Silverado 1500 with PML rear end cover installed
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On-line ordering is available via our secure shopping cart on this website. With questions or to order over the phone, call us: 310-671-4345. Email us:

You do not have to be an automotive business to order from us. But if you are, that's great and we have a dealer program if you plan to purchase many parts from us.

International customers, please email us and we'll help you (no on-line ordering outside US).

Questions, comments or suggestions always welcome.


We design and manufacture our products in the USA. You folks help us with our new product designs and development. We cannot possibly have one of each vehicle (although it would be nice). Our gratitude to those who supply us with pictures, measurements, suggestions, and install prototype parts.

Benefits of PML Products

  • Quality, heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction, no flexing or warping to eliminate leaks
  • Choice of finishes to suit customer preferences: natural as-cast, powder coated with shaved fins, or polished
  • Classic designs – PML pans and covers feature solid workmanship, not some name or logo
  • Hardware included for installation (bolts, washers, drain plug), a $15 to $35 dollar value
  • Large selection – gas or diesel, old or new, car or truck, SUV or van
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

PML Differential Cover and Transmission Pan Features

  • Additional oil capacity, aluminum construction, and raised fins for cooling the transmission or differential fluid, cooler fluid lubricates longer and better, and lubrication reduces wear on gears and seals
  • Heavy duty to increase the torsional strength of the transmission case or differential housing
  • Magnetic drain plugs to make oil changes easier, less messy, drains usually located on the side for safety
  • Thick, machined gasket flanges on PML covers and pans provide a flat gasket surface for a uniform clamping force on the gasket surface - this ensures a secure seal superior to stock parts which are usually stamped steel

Valve Cover Features

  • Classic styles on our valve covers give a great look under the hood
  • BUICK®, CADILLAC®, CORVETTE®, or CHEVROLET® script available (PML has a license from General Motors to manufacture and sell these parts with GM trademarks)
  • Valve covers just tall enough for many roller rockers
  • Gasket surfaces that are flat and strong for no–leak seal

PML covers and pans add value and protect your vehicle. Check out our differential covers, transmission pans, valve covers, and accessories and let us know what you think.

Keep it Cool! Keep it Clean! Keep it Alive!

This website belongs to PML, the manufacturer, of PML covers and pans. Contact us to order or with any questions, comments or suggestions.



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