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PML Automotive Accessories

PML offers accessories for Buick Nailhead V8 engines, Hummer H1, and for our differential covers, transmission pans and valve covers.

Buick Nailhead V8 Engine Engines

PML offers many products for the Nailhead. All PML products are sand cast aluminum and made in the USA. Click on a link below for details on our Nailhead products:

PML Gaskets

PML makes gaskets for our LS1 to LS7 valve covers and for our NAG1,722.6 transmission pans.

  • To order additional sets of our LS1 to LS7 gaskets, please call. One set ships with each valve cover order.
  • To order a gasket for one of PML's NAG1, 722.6 transmission pans, see PML Gasket for NAG1, 722.6.

H1 Hummer Window Switch Covers

Hummer Switch Covers (or bezels), in black powder coated or tumbled aluminum, replace the plastic window control button covers in the H1. PML designed and manufactures these in response to customers who have had the plastic covers break. They are strong cast-aluminum and made in the US. They can be purchased individually or as a set (see pictures and pricing by following these links):

PML Valve Cover Accessories

PML offers these accessories for our valve covers:

The grommets and oil caps are not yet available for on-line purchase. The oil caps are for use with our Buick, Cadillac and Jeep valve covers. Please call for ordering and pricing on grommets and oil caps.

Drain Plugs for Differential Covers and Transmission Pans

PML sells extra or replacement magnetic drain plugs for our differential covers and transmission pans. See: PML Magnetic Drain Plugs


Extra or replacement bolts for PML differential covers, transmission pans, and valve covers are available. Please call to order.