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BUICK® Nailhead V8 Full Fin Valve Covers; As Cast Finish
Special #252

This set of valve covers is on special because this design has been discontinued.

These valve covers are in the natural as-cast finish. There are some cosmetic imperfections. There is some porosity along the side fins and inside of one cover. The inside of one cover is very rough.

For reference, see this webpage: BUICK® Nailhead V8 Full Fin Valve Covers, PML Part Number 11080-3.

This special should fit and function like a regular part.

These are sold as-is and cannot be returned. Please call to order. If you need machining for PCV or breather holes or would like these valve covers black powder coated, please call to discuss.

Price: $250.00

Top view of covers:

Inside of covers:

Side fins:

Close up of side fin:

Close up of porosity: