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Toyota AB60E, AB60F Deep Transmission Pan
In Development
Part Number 11151

PML Toyota Transmission Pan, computer image

Top down view of PML transmission pan. Click on image to view larger.

Volume: 3.25 quarts over stock

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions

Number of Bolts: 12

Status: Prototype parts available now. Please contact us for details.

Pricing: Will be about $345 in the raw as-cast finish. This will include the transmission pan, PML cork gasket, new mounting bolts and washers, fill plug and magnetic drain plug.

This new PML transmission pan for AB60E, AB60F features heavy duty construction, extra capacity, drain, and cooling fins. The AB60E, AB60F transmission is found in several Toyota and Lexus trucks and SUVs:

  • Toyota Landcruiser 5.7L, 2009 to 2015 (check for skid plate)
  • Toyota Sequoia 5.7L, 2008 to 2015
  • Toyota Tundra 5.7L, 2007 to 2015
  • Lexus LX570 5.7, 2008 to 2015

Vehicle with skid plates may not have space for this extra capacity transmission oil pan with the skid plate installed. A spacer for the skid plate may be possible. Always check your vehicle configuration and clearance before ordering.


  • Extra fluid capacity
  • Cooling fins to dissipate heat
  • Thick flange for a secure seal
  • Interior baffles to reduce sloshing
  • Shape clears frame cross members
  • Does not hang below frame for ground clearance
  • Side drain hole
  • Comes with new mounting bolts and magnetic drain plug

We have completed the design and are making prototype parts. See Installations below. Additional prototype parts available now.

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Drain, Level Check and Optional Temperature Sending Unit Locations

PML located the drain plug on the driver's side of the pan. On the side of the pan, the drain plug is less likely to get damaged.

The level check hole is on the passenger's side, in the same location as the stock hole. This hole can also be used to fill.

PML designed the pan with two locations that can be drilled and tapped for a temperature sending unit if needed. One location is on the passenger's side and one location is on the driver's side. The machining charge for PML to drill and tap the pan is $40.

Filter and Gasket

This PML transmission pan works with the stock filter, available from any auto parts store.

PML includes a cork gasket, of our own design, for this transmission pan. Some folks prefer to use silicon "gasket maker" which also will make a great seal. The factory stock gasket will not work with the PML AB60 transmission pan. Additional cork gaskets are available for purchase from PML.


Baffles on the inside of the pan help reduce sloshing and aid in heat dissipation.

PML Transmission Pan Compared to Stock

PML Transmission Pan Part Number 11151 height compared to stock  PML Transmission Pan Part Numbers 11151, compared to stock
Click on image to view larger.

These images show this PML transmission pan compared to the stock pan.



2008 Tundra 5.7 4WD

Orsy installed this pan on his 2008 Tundra 4x4 iForce 5.7. The installation went smoothly and took about 1 1/2 hours.

2008 Tundra 2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7 4WD   2008 Tundra Tundra Stock Transmission Pan   2008 Tundra Supplies for Installation PML Pan
2008 Tundra Tundra Transmission Filter   2008 Tundra PML Transmission Pan Installed on a 2008 Tundra   2008 Tundra PML Transmission Pan Installed on a 2008 Tundra
Click on image to view larger.

2013 Land Cruiser 5.7 4WD

This 2013 Land Cruiser removed the skid plate for the PML extra capacity transmission pan. The customer decided on Toyota Orange RTV instead of a gasket.

2013 Land Cruiser 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 5.7 4WD   Materials needed for
installing PML transmission oil pan Materials needed to install PML transmission oil pan on Land Cruiser   Stock transmission
oil pan and skid plate on Land Cruiser Stock transmission oil pan and skid plate on Land Cruiser
PML pan installed using
RTV on 2013 Land Cruiser PML pan installed on 2013 Land Cruiser using RTV.   PML pan installed on 2013 Land Cruiser PML pan installed on 2013 Land Cruiser, drain plug shown.   Click on an image to view larger.

2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7L Crew Max 4x4 AB60F

Steve installed this PML transmission oil pan on his 2008 Tundra. When he was removing the stock pan, four stock bolts snapped during removal and he had to drill them out. Other than that install was great and simple. He used the PML cork gaskets for this installation. His transmission fluid temperatures dropped about 4 degrees Celsius at maximum running temperature, which is "awesome". Pan sits right flush with the frame and took the estimated 3 1/4 quarts.

2008 Tundra, Crew Max 2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7L Crew Max 4x4 AB60F   2008 Tundra AB50F transmission 2008 Toyota Tundra AB60F transmission filter and internals   2008 Tundra Crew Max PML transmission oil pan installed 2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Max, PML transmission oil pan installed
Click on image to view larger.

PML Transmission Pan Features

  • Increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures
  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to the transmission case
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal
  • Boss cast into pan can be machined for a temperature sensor
  • Drain hole and magnetic drain plug for easier, less messy maintenance

All PML transmission pans ship with new mounting bolts and a magnetic drain plug.

If you would like PML to machine your pan for a temperature sending unit, there is an additional charge of $40.

Find out why you should buy a PML transmission pan.

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