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PML 10R80 Deep Transmission Pan

In Development, Part Number 11164


Ford and GM jointly developed the 10 speed 10R80 transmission. Both Ford and GM will be using this transmission beginning with 2017 models.

PML 10R80 Pan Development

We are collecting information on vehicles and fitment and any clearance issues, like exhaust routing and frame cross members. We're also seeing how many folks are interested and if there is enough demand to justify the design and development costs.

Do you have a used 10R80 transmission? We need a case, valve body and filter. They do not need to be in working condition.

Any suggestions or pictures from your vehicle with the 10R80 would be welcome! Email us at or call 310-671-4345.

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Benefits of PML Design

  • Extra capacity
  • Finned to increase surface area for heat dissipation
  • Drain and magnetic drain plug
  • Thick walls and gasket flange
  • Heavy duty construction

Stock Pan

There is some insulation around the stock pan and on some vehicles, undercarriage protection.

10 speed transmission pan location Transmission pan is under the insulation. There are also tubes below the stock pan and insulation.   Plate covering 10 speed transmission pan Dropping the undercarriage plate to get access to the stock transmission pan.
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