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CADILLAC® 368, 425, 472, & 500 Valve Covers, Raised 1949 CADILLAC Script

Part Number 11163, In Development

PML Cadillac Valve Covers, 1949 Cadillac script, top down view   PML Cadillac Valve Covers, 1949 Cadillac script, angled view
Valve covers are in the natural as-cast finish. Click on an image to view larger.

Dimensions: 3.6 inches tall. More dimensions available late Summer 2018.

These valve covers add to product line for 368, 425, 472 and 500 Cadillac engines and feature the classic old style "1949" CADILLAC script.

The script and fins are raised above the surface. When the valve covers are powder coated, the top of the fins and script would be brushed so the design stands out. In a similar way, when polished, the area between the fins and script would not be polished to provide contrast and highlight the design.

PML created this design to give an old school feeling to the more modern, powerful Cadillac V8 engine.

This script was common on engines with the 331, 365, 390 and 429 engines found in 1949 to 1967 models.

Status (7/13/2018): These valve covers are in production. We have made a few parts to verify the production process. Parts will be available for sale late Summer 2018 so look for pricing and on-line purchasing in late–August.

Images above are pictures of actual parts in the natural as-cast finish. We will also offer a black powder coated and polish finish.

Let us know you are interested in these valve covers: Email or call 310-671-4345


  • PML manufactures valve covers using heavy duty sand-cast aluminum construction.
  • Classic design.
  • Thick walls provide strength.
  • Gasket flange will not bend or flex when bolts are tightened for a leak–free seal.
  • PML provides mounting hardware with the covers.
  • Made in USA.

   General Motors Trademarks are used under license to PML, Inc.